Drapes,Sarees, Blouses and Styles of Black and White Era

Saree is considered to be one of the oldest traditional attire in the history of India. Symbolizing our culture and history, saree goes way back till the time you can remember. India has always been a country of diversity and culture and this diversity gave birth to some of the most amazing and dynamic styles of saree drapes and blouses. As fashion comes and goes in a cycle, these styles from the golden era have made their comeback. So, fasten your seat belts as we are going to time travel into the era of black and white to discover these mesmerizing blouse and saree draping styles: 

Athpourey saree from Bengal

This saree draping style from Bengal is one of the most recognized saree draping styles from the black and white era of Bengal. In this style of draping the Pallu comes from back to the front on both sides. Traditionally a bunch of keys is attached to the end of the Pallu. In the old days, Thakurains in Bengal used to wear their sarees like this. This style of saree drape is perfect for festive occasions and pujas.

Kappulu from Andhra Pradesh

This style of saree was worn by the old women of Kappulu caste. Unlike a traditional saree, this style of draping goes from left to right. Some of the most significant features of this style are that it has narrow pleats in the back and the two cascades of cloth formed by twisting the end piece twice around the body. This style of draping can still be seen in Andhra Pradesh. If you want a traditional yet very normal style, then this style is for you!

Nauvari saree from Maharashtra

Going back to the time of Marathas, Rani Lakshmi Bai, and more, Nauvari saree is another gem from the black and white era. This draping style can never go out of fashion. This style of draping goes around the legs like a dhoti giving ample flexibility to the women to not only perform daily chores but to fight like a knight too. For all those active ladies, this style can be a savior!

Frill Blouse


Frill blouses were considered to be the high-class fashion in the black and white era. The complete and extravagant look it adds to a saree is completely dynamic. If you are someone who likes to spice it up, this has to be your thing!

Puff blouse

Almost in every single state, puffed blouses were a hit trend. Throughout the 20th century, puffed blouses got their share of fame. This blouse style looks perfect with every and any saree draping style. So if you need a blouse that fits every saree, you have got one!

Pajama top blouse

Adding a bossy look to the saree, pajama top blouses were a thing back then. Highlighting the bold, strong, and independent side of a woman, this blouse style is a must-try.

With these dynamic and mesmerizing saree draping and blouse style, get ready to rock your saree the black and white style! Start your own trend with these bold and powerful styles just for you!

More saree drapes and blouses from the black and white era

Sharing some more saree drapes and styles of the black and white era which you can try out and flaunt your sarees as new styles!!








































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