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As gorgeous and exotic as a masterpiece, Moonga silk is considered one of the finest, most exotic and ravishingly beautiful among all silks. The fact being that its extremely durable and was once reserved only for the royal people. The yellowish tint of the silk gives it a regal glow and gorgeous look. The Moonga silk sarees are considered to be one of the most expensive and most popular silk sarees and Handloom Banarasi silk sarees from India. Considering the richness of the silk and the beauty it brings out in sarees, the Moonga silk is a must-have for all the saree lovers and collectors. So, before you get all inspired and whelmed up about the Moonga silk and buy one here are a few things about Moonga silk that you must know

Moonga Silk

History of Moonga silk

Sericulture is an old industry in Assam that doesn't generally have a time allotment. Known to exist since the very beginning, the Ahom tradition (1228-1826) brought the Moonga culture into the spotlight.

It was during this period that Moonga culture flourished and turned into an essential piece of the social and financial existence of local people. Ahom lords were known to wear just Moonga silk, and the texture was supplied in the kingdom too introduced to guests of their court as one of the best neighborhood contributions. 

Moonga Silk

Moonga silk Weaving 

Moonga silk is predominantly delivered by the Garo people group of Assam, is derived from a pretty exotic silkworm. The durability and the lacious texter of this silk makes it one of the most famous silks in India and all over the world.

Further, 1000 covers can create around 125 grams of silk, yet a solitary saree requires in any event 1000 grams of silk. About two months is taken to weave a Moonga silk saree. The real weaving procedure takes around multi week to 10 days to finish. 

Moonga Silk

How to recognize  Moonga silk 

The main technique to recognize a Moonga silk from other conventional silk is by utilizing a specific sort of magnifying lens. In any case, the severe quality check at the season of generation and the GI status guarantees that you just grasp a unique item.

Moonga Silk is known for its resilience. It can be given a fine texture by dry ironing it in a damp state or it can attain a crushed look by not getting ironed. This is one unique fabric where the golden luster increases with age. Moonga silk is very soft in texture and very easy to drape.

Check this stunning Moonga silk Banarasi Stole

Moonga Silk

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Moonga Silk

Taking care of Moonga silk sarees 

Dry Cleaning is the most favored strategy for keeping up a Moonga silk saree. Be that as it may, if you do need to wash the saree at home, abstain from utilizing cleanser during the initial three washes. A quick rinse in water is all that anyone could need. You can sote the saree in a separate bag. 

Now that you know almost everything about a Moonga silk saree, don't miss out on the chance to add it to your collection. The richness, beautiful color, and the durability of Moonga silk sarees online will surely make your collection more outstanding.

Moonga Silk


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I would like to have a tissue silk saree with red gold border and white and gold on the body

thulasi ragunathan August 20, 2019

Truely Moonga Silk is a must to have for all saree lovers. It is the most ravishing and stylish saree with such a grace and elegance. Beautiful!
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Studio Resha August 17, 2019

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