Red Print Leheriya Stitched Drape Chiffon Saree with Green Print Bandhani Blouse

SKU: KK20047EB

INR 24,000

Introducing our striking Red Lehriya Drape Saree with Artsilk Bandhani and Shell detailing, accompanied by a Green Print Bandhani Blouse adorned with Shells and Fringes – a captivating ensemble that seamlessly merges traditional aesthetics with contemporary charm.

Saree Details:

  • Color: Red Lehriya
  • Fabric: Artsilk
  • Unique Embellishments: Delicate Shells Detailing

Our Red Lehriya Drape Saree is a visual masterpiece, showcasing the timeless allure of print Lehriya patterns in a rich red hue. The addition of Artsilk print Bandhani lends an artistic touch to the saree, making it the perfect choice for special occasions. The exquisite Shells detailing adds movement and whimsy, creating a delightful play of textures and reflections.

Blouse Details:

  • Color: Green Bandhani
  • Unique Embellishments: Shells and Fringes

Complementing the saree is a Green print Bandhani Blouse that's truly a work of art. Adorned with delicate Shells and Fringes, this blouse effortlessly combines tradition with contemporary design. The shells add a touch of charm, while the fringes infuse a modern edge into your ensemble.

Care Instructions: To maintain the garment's beauty, we recommend dry cleaning only. Store it carefully to prevent snagging on sharp objects or jewelry.

Note- There may be slight color variations due to photographic reasons. Please note the piece has no actual embroidery it's printed. 

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