Red Viscose Crepe Print Bandhani Stitched Dress

SKU: KK20067EB

INR 13,500

Introducing our Bandhni Print Dress in Viscose Crepe, a captivating garment adorned with a vibrant Bandhni print and accented by a Multicolored Yoke highlighted with shimmering Mirrors. This dress effortlessly combines comfort, style, and traditional craftsmanship for a truly enchanting look.

Product Details:

  • Fabric: Viscose Crepe
  • Print: Bandhni
  • Yoke: Multicolored with Mirrors

Our Bandhni Print Dress in Viscose Crepe is a delightful fusion of comfort and elegance. Crafted from premium Viscose Crepe, it drapes gracefully and offers a soft, luxurious feel against your skin.

The Bandhni print adds a touch of tradition with its intricate patterns and rich colors, reflecting the rich heritage of this ancient Indian art form. The Multicolored Yoke, adorned with shimmering Mirrors, creates a captivating focal point, ensuring you radiate style and sophistication.

This dress is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a casual outing or a special event. It embodies the essence of traditional Indian aesthetics while offering contemporary style and comfort. Elevate your fashion game with our Bandhani Print Dress in Viscose Crepe, a versatile and captivating piece that's bound to make you the center of attention wherever you go.

Care Instructions: To maintain the garment's beauty, we recommend dry cleaning only. Store it carefully to prevent snagging on sharp objects or jewelry.

Note- There may be slight color variations due to photographic reasons. Please note the piece has no actual embroidery it's printed. 

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