Viscose Crepe Satin Print Stitched Slit Skirt with Brocade Tube Top

SKU: KK20079EB

INR 30,000

Introducing our Boho Print Slit Skirt, a symbol of free-spirited style adorned with delightful shells, coins, and intricate brocade detailing. Paired with our elegant Tube Blouse in brocade, made from luxurious Viscose Crepe Satin Print fabric, this ensemble defines the perfect blend of bohemian charm and sophistication.

Product Details:

Boho Print Slit Skirt:

  • Design: Boho Print with Shells, Coins, and Brocade Detailing
  • Style: Flowy and Alluring with a Front Slit

Our Boho Print Slit Skirt is an ode to the free-spirited fashionista. The captivating boho print radiates creativity and individuality, while the front slit adds a touch of allure and ease of movement. Delicate shells, coins, and intricate brocade detailing grace the skirt, uniting boho flair with refined craftsmanship.

Tube Blouse in Brocade (Viscose Crepe Satin Print):

  • Design: Stylish Tube Blouse in Luxurious Viscose Crepe Satin Print
  • Fit: Comfortable and Elegant

Complementing the Boho Print Slit Skirt, our Tube Blouse in brocade made from Viscose Crepe Satin Print fabric exudes sheer elegance. The luxurious material drapes beautifully and feels sumptuous against the skin. The tube design offers both style and comfort, allowing you to embrace your unique fashion sensibilities with confidence.

This Boho Print Slit Skirt paired with the Tube Blouse in brocade and Viscose Crepe Satin Print is the epitome of bohemian-inspired charm merged with timeless sophistication. Whether you're dancing at a music festival, strolling along the beach, or attending a special evening event, this ensemble empowers you to make a style statement that's as distinctive and captivating as you are. Revel in the essence of fashion with this captivating outfit.


Care Instructions: To maintain the garment's beauty, we recommend dry cleaning only. Store it carefully to prevent snagging on sharp objects or jewelry.

Note- There may be slight color variations due to photographic reasons. 

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