Pure Georgette Muniya Border Banarasi Bareek Bandhani Saree

SKU: KK19988EB

INR 57,750

Elegance Redefined: Georgette Silk Sarees

Georgette silk sarees are the embodiment of grace for every woman who seeks to carry herself with elegance and poise in every stride. These sarees, intricately handcrafted with an artful touch, epitomize the allure that every woman deserves.

Craftsmanship that Charms: Handloom Banarasi Sarees

These attractively designed handloom Banarasi sarees are more than just garments; they are an ode to sophistication. Perfectly tailored to suit every woman's taste, they reflect the vogue that resonates with their unique persona.

Material that Matters: Pure Georgette Fabric

Crafted from pure Georgette fabric, these sarees envelop you in sheer luxury. The material combines opulence with comfort, ensuring that you radiate elegance effortlessly.

Weaving Magic: Phekua with Meenakari Detailing

Our sarees narrate stories through their intricate weaving styles. Embellished with the captivating Phekua technique and adorned with delicate Meenakari work, they exemplify the enchantment woven into each thread.

Artistry Unveiled: Exquisite Bareek Bandhani

The artistry of our sarees is a celebration of the timeless Bareek Bandhani technique. Every thread tyed and dyed with dedication adds a touch of exclusivity, embodying the skilled craftsmanship that goes into each masterpiece.

Violet Vision: A Captivating Color Palette

Violet, a captivating color, graces these sarees, capturing the essence of elegance and allure. With each drape, you command attention, radiating confidence and grace.

Every Piece, a Unique Masterpiece

Please note that slight color variations may occur due to photographic nuances. These variations add to the charm of each saree, making every piece as unique as its wearer.

Note- There may be slight color variations due to photographic reasons.

This is a hand-woven product and any irregularities in the weaving or pattern should not be taken as a defect. These irregularities make every handloom piece unique.

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