Vini Tandon Keni :  “Saree speak”  with Khinkhwab

Vini Tandon Keni : “Saree speak” with Khinkhwab


“ Every saree has a story . The Saree isn't just a garment. It's a carrier of the stories of the weavers, artisans and merchants that made it what it is. And so when you drape a saree you tell their stories along with your own.” - Ally Matthan, one of the best recognized perfumers of India from TedX Talks


We, the Khinkhwab team , recently spoke with VINI TANDON KENI, the founder of SAREE SPEAK, one of the largest and most in-demand Saree groups in Facebook today.

Saree Speak


Saree Speak was founded in April 2016, which is a group that inspires and motivates women to wear sarees and post pictures along with their saree stories . The intention of this group is  to make women drape the beautiful six yards not just for an occasion,or festival or formal function , but it could be anywhere and any situation.Vini and her team manages this page well and there are a lot of interesting saree stories and beautiful saree moments shared by women all over the world.

VINI KENI for you...

1. Tell us something about yourself and what was the inspiration to start Saree speak.

I started Saree speak after being impressed by other similar groups on Facebook

2.Which is the best season ,in your opinion, and what’s your favorite saree wear for that season?

I live in Goa, so the best season is January, when we have  a month of winter. Because of Goa climate,each type of saree is wearable year round.

My favourite saree wear for the  season are Bengali sarees in cotton

3. Which is the best place that you have travelled till date , where you wore a saree?

I wore our Goa Kunbi in Greece and that was my favorite saree moment when I travelled

Saree Speak


4.What is the best "saree speak" story in your life?

My best saree speak stories are about friends reuniting through this forum.

There was a lady, Usha Agrawal from Bangalore, who actually wore a saree everyday after the loss of both her parents,within few days.She posted her sarees daily for those few days.Her sarees helped her cope and she thanked Saree Speak for that.

5.Who is your favourite celebrity/ fashion icon you follow in terms of sarees?

My favorite saree icon is Laila Tyabji, the renowned social worker

6.What is the inspirational success quote you would like to give our readers?

My favourite quote is, “Nothing can give u more happiness,than what you can get from another person”, written by me only

Read this interesting article by The Navhindtimes where you can know more about how Vini runs Saree speak and arranges regular saree meets in various parts of the world

It is really spectacular to see the way Vini beautifully drapes her saree and carries it so well in the city of Goa, partying capital of India. 

If you are that ardent saree lover, and want to know more about Vini Keni and follow Saree speak, you may visit their social media pages.

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Saree moments with Khinkhwab

“I wear everything right from trousers to salwars to dresses. But what gives me immense confidence is my saree. It brings a smile to my face, like none other” - says Vini.

Sharing some wonderful saree speak moments of Vini Keni with Khinkhwab. Heartfelt thanks to Vini jee for adorning the Banarasi silk saree beautifully and be part of Khinkhwab family.

The Georgette Jaal saree in Pastel color looks so adorable on her and it can’t get better!!

Saree Speak


Saree Speak


Saree Speak


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We hope you enjoyed the interview with Saree speak - Vini Tandon Keni as much as we did.

Let your saree speak up more life stories.

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Pls add me in the group


Would love to be part of this group .Guide me how to join



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