At Khinkhwab, we are passionate about preserving the rich tradition and culture of Varanasi through the art of weaving in Banarasi silk. Our exquisite collection of handpicked Banarasi sarees, lehengas, dupattas, and fabric is a testament to our commitment to authenticity and quality.

Our team of experts meticulously selects each piece, ensuring that our customers receive only the finest products. We take pride in showcasing the unparalleled craftsmanship of Banarasi silk, with intricate designs and luxurious textures that have been passed down through generations.

We believe that our products are more than just beautiful pieces of clothing; they represent the timeless heritage of India and the intricate artistry of our skilled weavers. Our goal is to introduce the world to the mesmerizing beauty of Banarasi silk and to keep this art form alive for generations to come.



What Khinkhwab believes in:

The art of weaving has a history in Varanasi deeply rooted since ancient time. The tradition of weaving has always been painting millions of historical chapters in Varanasi in the color and comfort of Banarasi silk and is still doing so. Banarasi wedding sarees has already established its name in Indian history.

Khinkhwab is all set to put forward this precious and regal form of art in front of the world. Promoting the handloom weavers, traditional designs, and gorgeous handmade Banarasi silk saree, Khinkhwab is a global platform that bridges the gap between handloom silk lovers and Banarasi silk art. We strongly believes in supporting handmade and the artisans and weavers in Varanasi.


The dreamers behind Khinkhwab:

Khinkhwab is a long cherished dream of ‘mother-daughter’ duo from Varanasi, Ruchi Agarwal and Geeta Agarwal who always treasured their Banarasi silk heirlooms from their previous generations. The craftsmanship of Banarasi weavers, the ancient art of weaving, and the colorful and exclusive designs of Banarasi silk sarees won their hearts. That set off a dream together to form “Khinkhwab”. Their passion and admiration for the handloom work of Banarasi silk encouraged them to bring Banarasi silk weavers and their masterpieces together to create this wonderful platform for Banarasi silk lovers, as much as they are.

Furthermore, Ruchi’s father Ashok Agarwal is very supportive and instrumental in giving shape to its supply chain and setting up this online platform for Khinkhwab.



The Golden Dream: Khinkhwab

‘KinKhab’ or Kimkhab the golden dream! Banaras brocade is also known as ‘kinkhab,’ or ‘kamkhwab’ means kin (golden), and khab (dream). Woven in golden threads, Kinkhab is a golden dream. The meaning behind the name itself perfectly describes the values of ‘Khinkhwab,’ which is to showcase the golden dreams woven in golden threads by the proficient and brilliant weavers of Varanasi.

Ruchi Agarwal, the co-founder of this exciting brand is clear about the vision for Khinkhwab and this is what she says,

"My dream is that every Indian woman owns the Khinkhwab Banarasi saree. I want to see every woman enjoying the pleasure of wearing a pure silk fabric. I wish to promote Banarasi  sarees all over the world."

The big picture from Khinkhwab:

What makes Khinkhwab stand out among the rest is its vision to elevate and inspire thousands of skillful weavers of Varanasi to showcase their artwork in a modern way. By promoting and incorporating unconventional modern designs and colors into their work, Khinkhwab’s vision is to bridge the gap between the authentic work pieces of these weavers of Varanasi and the Banarasi silk lovers. Adding to this vision, another aim of Khinkhwab is to bless the Banarasi silk lovers with some of the most beautiful, traditional, elegant, and authentic, pure Banarasi silk sarees and lehengas. 

The Unconventional Blend Of Tradition And Time:

What makes Khinkhwab unconventional, the concept of blending the modern age taste with the ancient Banarasi fabric. Khinkhwab is a platform that merges some of the most distinctive ideas with the traditional and ancient art of weaving.  While supporting handmade and preserving our heritage and culture, we wants to ensure that we are taking forward Banaras to the younger generation with the latest trends and styles.