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Banarasi Crush Tissue Silk Dupatta with Border

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Indulge in refined elegance with our Crush Tissue Dupattas. Intricately designed to mesmerize, these dupattas showcase a delicate crinkled texture, radiating a timeless sense of grace. Tailored for graceful drapes and lasting sophistication, they effortlessly harmonize tradition with modern allure. Elevate your ensemble with the enchanting allure of our Crush Tissue Dupattas – a flawless fusion of artistic craftsmanship and elegance



Fabric: Wrinkle Tissue Silk

Crush tissue fabric, a marvel in textile craftsmanship, embodies elegance with its distinctively textured appearance. Meticulously crafted, this fabric boasts a delicate crinkled effect, adding an enchanting dimension to any attire. Its resilience against flattening ensures that every drape retains its artistic crush, lending an air of sophistication and allure to the wearer. Discover the timeless charm and versatility of crush tissue fabric, a testament to exquisite design and enduring style

Please note, that due to its made-to-order nature, colors may vary slightly, adding to the distinctiveness of your exclusive ensemble.


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There may be slight color variations due to photographic reasons.

This is a hand-woven product, and any irregular weaving or pattern should not be considered a defect. These irregularities make every handloom piece unique.

Banarasi Crush Tissue Silk Dupatta with Border
Banarasi Crush Tissue Silk Dupatta with Border
Banarasi Crush Tissue Silk Dupatta with Border
Banarasi Crush Tissue Silk Dupatta with Border
Banarasi Crush Tissue Silk Dupatta with Border
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At Khinkhwab, every thread tells a story of the ancient city's rich tapestry. Our products are not just garments; they are handwoven tales of Varanasi's timeless tradition, crafted with passion and dedication. Experience the soul of Benaras with each creation.