Blue Hand Block Ajrakh Modal Silk Dupatta

SKU: KK11774EB

INR 6,050

Fabric: Modal Silk

Modal silk is a type of fabric made from a blend of modal and silk fibers. Modal is a fiber made from beech tree pulp, while silk is a natural protein fiber produced by silk worms. 

The combination of these fibers creates a soft, lightweight fabric with a subtle sheen and excellent drape. Modal silk is known for its luxurious feel and durability, as well as its ability to drape beautifully. It is also moisture-absorbent and breathable, making it a comfortable choice for warm weather.

Craft: Ajrakh 

Ajrakh is a traditional textile craft from the Kutch region of Gujarat in India, characterized by intricate block-printed designs in deep indigo and madder red colors. The term "Ajrakh" comes from the Arabic word "Azrak" which means blue. 

Note- There may be slight color variations due to photographic reasons.

This is a handcrafted product and any irregularities in the design or pattern should not be taken as a defect. These irregularities make every handloom piece unique. Color might bleed so please dry clean for the first few washes. 

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