Yellow Kimkhab Banarasi Silk Stitched Lehenga Skirt


INR 16,500

Look breathtakingly ethereal in the latest Banarasi lehengas collection from Khinkhwab.

Banarasi Silk lehengas are rich, classy, timeless and have an understated glamour of its own. Banarasi lehengas being very light and flowy makes it suitable for all seasons and thus is easy to wear and looks comfortable yet stylish.

The word ‘kinkhwab’ translates into tiny dreams or little dreams which can be interpreted to mean that Kinkhwab is ‘the fabric of dreams’.It is known for having extensive amounts of zari work which makes the underlying silk fabric invisible under the sheer amount of work done on the fabric. 

 This Lehenga can be ordered in your size and we have more fabric choices. Blouse and dupatta can be customized and ordered separately. This is a stitched lehenga skirt. 

Available to view in Singapore Studio, Shipping to India might take 15-20 days.

 Not available to ship in India. Ready to ship from Singapore studio to the rest of the world.

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