Banarasi Silks in Saawan:  The Monsoon Madness

Banarasi Silks in Saawan: The Monsoon Madness

Saawan Ka Mahina..
Banarasi silks kare shor!!

So, Saawan  is around the corner, and KhinKhwab is all set with its tips and tricks for all the ladies to make the most out this Saawan collections! Saawan is one the most celebrated months all over India and especially for the ladies. Saawan Ka Mahina, also known as the month of romance, is the month to dress for your Piya in silky saree and Haree Haree Churiya! 

Women over the country go ga-ga for the Banarasi silk saree this month. And Silks in Saawan is what you call frosting on the cake! So here is all you need to make your Saawan special for you and your Piya with some stunning and gorgeous Handloom Banarasi silk sarees

Woh Banarasi Silk Saree aur Woh Barish Ka Paani:

Some of the best Banarasi Silks in Saawan:

Tussar silk:

Different from the other silks, Tussar silk sarees are made from silk that is produced from silkworms that breed on wild forest trees, not mulberry trees. Tussar silk sarees are pretty exotic to be precise. In Saawan Tussar silk sarees are one hell of a choice if you want to look elegant yet dynamically exotic! Green is the color of Saawan, be it the haree churiyan or the hara dupatta!

This Midnight Pure Tussar Banarasi Silk from Khinkhwab is a perfect match for all the ladies celebrating the month of Saawan.

Banarasi Silks


Beige Pure Tussar Handwoven Banarasi Silk saree  and Rose and pink Pure Tussar Banarasi silk are other masterpieces that can be added to your closet

Click here to see Handloom Banarasi Tussar silk  saree collections from Khinkhwab


Making the Saawan more comfortable, Georgette silk sarees are lightweight to carry, comfortable yet gives you a bouncy look. Georgette sarees are a must-have for your Saawan wardrobe! Adding to the beautiful Rimjhim Saawan, gorgeous Georgette sarees are ravishing yet easy to carry.

Firozi Blue Pure Georgette Handloom Banarasi saree will surely turn some heads this Saawan for you!

Banarasi Silks

Click here to see Handloom Banarasi Georgette saree collections from Khinkhwab

Georgette Dupattas go well with Saawan, which you can mix and match with your Desi salwar suit. You must check out this Pink and Peach Pure Georgette Handloom Banarasi silk dupatta and flaunt this during the monsoons!!

Banarasi Silk


Tissue Silk:

Giving your saree a metallic touch, tissue silk sarees are one of the best silk sarees to be used during the Saawan ka Mahina. What can be more gorgeous, royal and jaw-dropping beautiful other than a tissue silk saree with a metallic finish?

Golden Yellow Pure Tissue Silk Handloom Banarasi saree is an irresistible saree you must-have if you are upto that Glam Quotient to slay it in Saawan!

Banarasi Silks


You can also go with a fully desi swag of Tissue dupattas in Saawan . Check out this Beige Pure Tissue Handloom Banarasi silk dupatta 

Banarasi Silks


Click here to see Handloom Banarasi Tissue silk saree collections from Khinkhwab

Few more recommendations to swag the Saawan with the best Banarasi silks:- 

Moonga Silk Dupatta

Banarasi Silks


Mint Green Georgette Banarasi Dupatta

Royal Banarasi Silk with Simple Care:

With these exotic, gorgeous, and ravishing Handloom Banarasi silk sarees in your Saawan collection make the best out of this month. And if you are worried about who to take care of your Handwoven Banarasi sarees in Saawan than stop worrying girl ,'coz here are three tips and tricks to take care of your Saawan saree collection:

  • In the monsoon, one of the biggest problems is the moisture in the air that damage the fabric of your Banarasi silk saree. So, to prevent that, make sure to store your silk sarees in a muslin cloth. 
  • To prevent discoloring of your silk sarees, store them in a cold dark place.
  • Another big problem in monsoon are the flies or insects that can, for sure, make your saree their nest. To prevent that put some laung in a small cloth and throw it in your closet.

Let The Desi Girl Within You Rock:

Tip Tip Barsaa Pani,are you ready to face it with impeccable style and swag? 

If you are smiling and mentally nodding your head in agreement, then listen to our tips – bring out your ethnic style queen this monsoon and splash some glam around. 

There has been a general myth the silks are not for the monsoon and they need to be out of your bay.With all the tips and tricks that we have given,let the Baarish not keep you away from all the attractive sarees collection this season

Make the most out of your silky Saawan, and you are all set to rock and roll it! So, get down with some badass Banarasi silk sarees online from Saawan sales and this year, let your Saawan be the best one!

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