Indian Women's Cape

I still remember as a little girl I, and my younger sister,  used to wear my mom's sarees and play ghar ghar :). Gone are those most beautiful times but I still cherish those moments. It was like a power vested in me by wearing my mom's saree, something akin to Superman's cape. My mom  and for that matter any married female in my family only wear sarees, they can cook, dance, run errands, do house chores, even run a marathon in a saree.  However, when I have to wear saree I first think about the day's activities and if it includes anything other then sitting nicely on couch I opt for wearing something else.  I know my daughter will not remember her mom in a saree because I wear them occasionally and if I wear one casually my daughter rolls her eyes and asks me whether we are going to a party, "why are you so dressed up??" :-) 

I was not a saree enthusiast earlier, for me it was more like a uniform for married girls because in India some families still expect their bahus to wear sarees only. It is only when I started Khinkhwab that I fell in love with this nine yards of beauty.  I learned so much about the weaves, fabrics, different type of silks and so forth. It is like a Pandora box and i am completely awestruck with the weaves and  fabrics that I come across. My Nanaji (mom's dad) had saree looms and my cousins and I use to play with colorful threads.

I am very happy to see that my little girl loves to hear me talk about sarees and fabrics. We have our little role play game where she comes to my studio as a pretend client to buy sarees and I am amazed with the questions she asks me, make me feel proud that she is learning and becoming aware about India's weaves and artisans. 

For our  new generation saree is more of wedding and pooja attire. Hope that changes with time and our next generation becomes more comfortable with this nine yards . Nonetheless I am pleasantly surprised to notice that women living overseas are more excited to wear Indian dresses, they actually look forward to wear their lehengas and sarees, thanks to Bollywood for encouraging the trend. 


Will update more about different type of  silks and fabrics in our next post.


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