Saree Stories: Two Saree Instagrammers & their Different Style!

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Have you been contemplating about keeping all your sarees to wear for any special occasion, or for that one Diwali festival in a year or maybe when there is an ethnic day at office?

Well, hold on ladies, because these saree influencers are sure bringing the saree back in all its glory. From classics to modern renditions, they aren’t afraid to experiment and to shake it up into one gorgeous cocktail of style and comfort. 

Today let’s read the wonderful saree stories of two stunning ladies, who will definitely make you want to drape your favourite one Right NOW!

Saree Stories: Two Saree Instagrammers & Their Different Style!

Meet Anu Mishra, a saree influencer and blogger from Delhi, popularly known by her instagram name lipstik_in the city and her wonderful saree swag. 

She believes that ,  “My clothes represent me, My styles define me, My colours show my passion and My thoughts define my will.”

This is how Anu introduces herself to our readers - “Hello there, I am the CEO of a publishing firm, graduated from St.Xaviers, Ahmedabad,  married , having two children of ages,20 and 15.”

Saree Stories

Let us also meet Raji Radhakrishnan, saree lover and influencer based in US, who is the favourite designerrajirm in Insta world of sarees , curating and styling sarees along with some beautiful jewellery. Raji believes that ,”The love for saris has to be innate and when your passion for it boils over, you’ll drape them with ease, grace and panache.” 

“I grew up in Madras surrounded by women who wore nothing but saris. We gifted saris to each other for every occasion and I have been wearing and collecting saris since I was 14. My love for saris was strongly influenced by my grandmothers and my mum. But, I think my particular taste for saris was shaped more by my early classical training in Bharatanatyam.

I’ve been living and working (I run an eponymous interior design firm - in the United States for nearly three decades now and I’ve continued to collect saris throughout this time. However, it is only in the last couple of years I have come full circle and gone back to wearing saris full fledged and there’s no turning back now. My mother is the happiest to see me come back to saris. She took care of my saris knowing one day I’ll wear them all passionately! I most certainly am and I hope to chronicle my sari journey as thoroughly as possible on Instagram while enjoying every single sari I own.”

Saree stories


If you go through the Instagram feed of these two ladies, then you can understand what we are talking about, rest assured you will also be tempted towards saree over jeans or dresses

Let’s now get into the Saree Stories of these saristas...

When we asked Anu ,as to who would she say is her number one  inspiration in the saree world, She says that her biggest inspiration in the saree world  is, “My Mom, definitely and then Rekha “.

Anu is a saree blogger and she has been collaborating with various top brands for blogging. She has close to 39k followers in Instagram and has a very classy way of styling herself with the saris and her Insta pictures are quite a delight to watch.

According to her she decided to take up saree blogging because,” The thought that saree was having it's rightful place, and  needed that extra push ...So that our younger generation could cherish the legacy.”

Look at Anu in a beautifully draped Khinkhwab Tussar silk saree, Doesn’t she look stunning in this and the way she carries herself?

Saree stories


Raji has interesting saree stories to share with us about how she started wearing sarees as a young teenager. She remembers and says,” Yes I do remember the first time I wore sari, It was for a wedding in Madras when I was 14.I wore one of my mother’s Kanjeevarams.”

She also has a very unique style of curating and styling saris with some awesome jewellery and has close to 21k people following her in Instagram

According to her, the most comfortable sari to wear, “Any of my old, repeatedly washed and worn saris. They tend to be the most comfortable for me. I call them my homey saris as I can work and linger in them nearly all day.”

 Saree stories


Saree Obsessions of these influencers

We then moved on to understand what are the saree obsessions of these beautiful women who have so much love for saris and gets into so much detailing while styling their sarees

Anu says that  she has a deep obsession for “Kanjivaram, Weaves from Orissa, Assam and North east”. 

Saree stories


Raji says, “Really I can’t pick just one. I have quite a few favorites. But, I do have a soft corner for Kanjeevarams, Balucharis and Banarasi silk sarees.

Saree stories


Let us understand that these saree stories are not lost on Instagram’s prime demographics. There has been a totally new revolution coming up as these saree influencers are paving the way for making a new generation fall in love with six yards, by leading the way with their own passion and styling in Social media.

Know more about Anu’s likes

Name your  favorite saree brands ...

Anu : Raw Mango and Anavila

Tell us something that our readers would be surprised to hear about you.......

Anu:  I am obsessed with cleanliness and hate cooking 

Saree stories

Last but not the least Anu told us about her Success mantra which she wants to share with our readers. ...

“I never remember my age and always have the fear that time is running out.”

In one of her saree stories, Anu has shared her secrets in a Facebook group

“I will share a little secret with you, I always wanted to be a model, as in showcasing creations of fashion designers.. I somehow believed that I had it in me, but obviously never expressed my desire to my parents. So I continued studying, acquiring one degree after the other (phew). Then marriage and children happened... but just to tell you guys I never gave up dreaming.

Finally after my son took his 12th board, I started blogging, little anecdotes, some pictures here and there, now after 2 years I firmly believe that dreams do come true”

That was the gorgeous ANU MISHRA, “lipstik_in_the_city” who is one of the great saree influencers  involved in changing the saree game

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Let’s read more saree stories and understand the emotions from Raji :

We asked Raji about the general myth among women that sari is so uncomfortable, difficult to wear and carry oneself. As a saree lover, what were her views about this

How Raji beautifully answered to this was, “Like everything else in life, it’s all a perspective, a point of view that stems from what you are used to. What you have grown up with. Right up to the eighties, I think, women in India mostly wore saris even in the major cities. That slowly started to change and rapidly after 2000. So the current generation are born into western wear and see the sari as a novel idea since even their parents generation has by now relegated the sari to only occasional wear. But, for most women up to my generation it was and in some cases still is everyday wear and of course we are perfectly comfortable in them. It’s just a matter of choice and practice.”

Our next question was what is her  piece of advice to the youngsters today about draping saris?

I adore the current young generation. They are full of ideas, so much more empathetic and caring about the world, the environment, their work and their families. In time, they will appreciate the beauty and depth of the six yards. But, you can’t force it. The love for saris has to be innate and when your passion for it boils over, you’ll drape them with ease, grace and panache. I’m confident the youngsters today will come full circle pretty quickly and find their identity in clothing much faster than say my generation. Saris will always be there waiting for them - in their mother’s closet, in the hands of skilled Weavers, in the eco-friendly shops of conscious citizens. 

Raji also shared her favourite saree moments which she says, “The look on my husband’s face every time he sees me come down to him draped in a sari.”

Saree stories

That was the stunning RAJI RADHAKRISHNAN , “designerrajirm” who is one of the  saree enthusiast, actively involved in inspiring women towards the love for six yards.

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We hope you enjoyed the interview with  Anu Mishra and Raji Radhakrishan, as much as we did.

Let your saree speak up more saree stories.

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