Handloom Katan Silk Banarasi Pink Shikargah Saree

SKU: KK19656EB

INR 35,750

The Banarasi silk saree undoubtedly holds the title of the queen of all sarees, boasting unparalleled design, beauty, elegance, and charm. Let your wardrobe reflect the richness of Banarasi silk's historical legacy. Each genuine hand-woven Banarasi saree is a treasure for your collection. Katan represents luxury—claim it for yourself! Discover the allure of our Shikargah saree collection, an ode to the regal art of hunting. 

Fabric -  Pure Banarasi Katan Silk

Katan, a luxurious thread, is meticulously crafted by twisting silk filaments in varying numbers to create a sturdy foundation for the fabric. It imparts a distinct structure to the background fabric. Katan is known for its plain weave, using only pure silk threads, resulting in a fabric of exceptional quality.

Weave –  Cutwork

Phekwa is a distinctive weaving style characterized by the weft thread being interlaced with the warp thread from one selvedge to the other, resulting in intricate surface textures on the fabric's base or zamin. This technique can be executed using single silk yarn, resham (silk thread), zari (metallic thread), or a combination of these, with the threads wound around shuttles.

Note- There may be slight color variations due to photographic reasons.

This is a hand-woven product and any irregularities in the weaving or pattern should not be taken as a defect. These irregularities make every handloom piece unique

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