Natural Pure Pashima Sozni Kani Weave Handwoven Kashmiri Saree

SKU: KK17464EB

INR 130,000

Khinkhwab brings you Pashmina sarees from the heaven of earth, Kashmir.

Fabric – Pure Pashmina

Pashmina refers to an exemplary variant of spun cashmere, the animal-hair fiber forming the downy undercoat of the Changthangi goat. The word pashm means "wool" in Persian, but in Kashmir, pashm refers to the raw unspun wool of domesticated Changthangi goats.

Craft - Sozni Embroidery -  SOZNI is one of the world's most sophisticated forms of Needle Embroidery. This extremely fine, delicate, and artistic needlework is only practiced in Kashmir and has no parallels. Pashmina is from Changthang, Ladakh. Pashmina shawls are made from Cashmere wool, which grows on the body of the Changthangi goat found in Ladakh. The goat is found over 14000 feet and is reared by nomadic herders of Ladakh.

Color – Natural Pashmina Color

Note- There may be slight color variations due to photographic reasons.

This is a hand-woven product and any irregularities in the weaving or pattern should not be considered a defect. On the contrary, peculiarities make every handloom piece unique.


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