Some Unique Embroidery From Around The Country

Some Unique Embroidery From Around The Country

Blessed with dynamic crafts and arts, India is truly a land of diversity. Starting from handcraft, painting, dance to music, India is a melting pot of crafts and culture. Adding to the treasure of crafts is the beautiful craft of embroideries. With so many types practiced around the country, it is hard to explore all at once. So we have brought to you some of the unique types of embroideries from around the country that are not only mesmerizing but are also extremely gorgeous. Here are some of the best and most unique embroideries:


Coming from a state of Bhangra and Sarson da saag, Punjab’s Phulkari is one of the ravishing embroidery styles that we are blessed with. This unique and stunning embroidery style is done by embroidering beautiful flower motifs on various fabrics. This embroidery style is practiced by women of the house and is passed on from generation to generation. One of the most unique things about this embroidery is that the designs are stitched on the backside of the cloth to give shape to the design on the front side. Making it more gorgeous, the natural-dyed khadi cloth is usually used for this embroidery.EmbroideryChikankari

Originating in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow, Chikankari was introduced by Nur Jehan. This gorgeous embroidery has its own charm and elegance. Chikankari is considered to be one of the best textile embroidery styles in India and over the world. An extremely intricate and artful form of embroidery, Chikankari is done on various fabrics like chiffon, cotton, net, etc. This mesmerizing and classy piece of art has always been a head-turner among all!



Sewing golden and silver threads into beautiful designs are the intricate art of Zardosi. Zardosi originated in the magical land of Persia. Being an ancient art of embroidery, Zardosi has its own value and magnetism. This regal art was born during the Mughal era and was only accessible to the royals. Authentic Zari Zardosi work included precious pearls, gems, and stones. However, nowadays to make this gorgeous and royal embroidery accessible to all, cotton yarn along with metallic yarn is used. Yet the intricacy and grace of this beautiful embroidery have not reduced an inch. It is a must-have for all those looking for a royal touch in their garments.


Mirror Work

Rooting back straight to the 13th century, this magnificent form of embroidery originated in Persia. Making its way through the lands, this gorgeous art reached India with the Mughals. Soon after in the 17th century the artisans migrated from Baluchistan and brought this art form to life in India. Since then, this beautiful embroidery has stayed and has been passed on to the generations in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Haryana. The gorgeous work of mirror along with beautiful designs and motifs make this embroidery more vibrant. 


Rajasthani patchwork

This gorgeous embroidery comes from the land of sands, Rajasthan. With bright colors, this handwork stands out among all. The rustic charm of this embroidery comes from the beautiful small pieces that are stitched together in a gorgeous pattern. A cloth padding is added underneath the first layer to secure it. Rajasthani patchwork is a must-have if you are the collector of unique and dynamic hand works. 


An absolute treat to your eyes, this beautiful type of embroidery comes straight from the land of Tamil Nadu. It originated in the Nilgiri hills and ever since has been considered extremely dynamic and beautiful. This ravishing embroidery was done by the Tado community. Stitching gorgeous buffalo and stylized moon, stars, sun, this embroidery is done on shawls, bedsheets, and sarees. This embroidery type has its own charm and beautiful touch to it, which never fails to win hearts. 

Chamba Rumal

Stitching intricate designs on the handkerchief, the craft of Chamba is another beautiful and less explored type of embroidery. This gorgeous embroidery comes from the hill states of Kangra Chamba. This beautiful embroidery incorporates a vibrant blend of colors along with some stunning designs. This embroidery type is not only unique but also considered to be one of the most exotic ones! If you are looking for something exotic yet classic, this type of embroidery is for you.

Reviving these gorgeous crafts of India, many artists are incorporating these embroideries unconventionally. Let these beautiful pieces of art mesmerize you and win your heart. Gift yourself some of these great embroideries and add to your collection. 

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