Flaunt your Banarasi Saree and make a fashion statement

Flaunt your Banarasi Saree and make a fashion statement

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With the ongoing festival season, we are all set to hit the floor again in all traditional style. And hands down there is nothing more gorgeous, elegant and classy than a mesmerizing Banarasi saree to rock Indian festivals. But most of us almost go blank when the moment comes, and we are about to get ready. We want to make a statement in a gorgeous Banarasi saree but don’t know how!? So for all the gal-pals out there, here are some of the best tips to make you all festive ready this season

Choosing the right Banarasi saree

With so many options available, obviously, we go all cookoo! Well, before you decide what to wear, ask yourself a few questions like, how active you need be, and what suits your style? For those who are going to be quite active and keep moving around, a lightweight Banarasi saree will be best. If you are going for a pooja where you need to be seated most of the time then opt for a more heavy work saree. Plus remember you will be the one carrying it, so if you think you can rock a pooja with a lightweight saree and it suits your style, go for it. And even if you can carry a heavy saree with poise and elegance, you go, girl!

Selecting a Banarasi saree:

  • To identify a real Banarasi, it is also essential to look for a saree in which some of the areas in the zari are darker than the shade of the entire work. This happens due to real silver's reaction to air. 
  • Burn it up! Yes, one of the best ways to authenticate is to burn a small piece of the fabric, and if smells like plastic than sorry, but it's not a real Banarasi. A real Banarasi smells like human hair burning.
  • Once you are done with the authentication of the fabric, choose the color that suits best your skin town.
  • Softer the zari in the Banarasi Saree, the purer it is!
  • For those with wheatish skin tone, red, purple and dark green are the best fit
  • For those with bright skin tone, deep purples, hues of orange and coral looks perfect. 

Be it Jangla saree, Jamdani, Meenakari or Kora Banarasi, in any saree the most important thing is the woman wearing it. So, it's your special day when you wear it, be regal and be you. And always remember for a bride-to-be, there is nothing better than her smile to finish off her look!

Banarasi Silk Saree

Banarasi Silk Saree

Banarasi Silk Saree

Banarasi Silk Saree

One of the best ways to make a fashion statement in a Banarasi saree is to funk it up with a gorgeous blouse. You can mix and match the color of your blouse to give your Banarasi a different look. You can go for some funky and quirky blouse style. For instance, pair up your gorgeous white and golden Banarasi saree with a low cut, three-quarter sleeves, and maroon blouse. You can also pair up your black Banarasi with a black and white checkered print sleeveless blouse. Make it fun and different.

You can mix and match your blouse color with your saree or just to give it a funky look you can add on some edgy jewelry. If you're opting for a Banarasi with heavy work and always keep your make-up subtle and elegant. And if you are opting for a less gaudy simple yet classy Banarasi saree, then keep your eye make-up and lips dark.

Spicing it up with right accessories

To finish up your statement look, it is essential to choose the right makeup and right accessories. You can keep your makeup minimal so that your saree can speak, or if you are going for a minimal work Banarasi saree, you can keep your eyes and lip bold. And once you’re done with the makeup through some classy clutches to enhance your look. You can also add some quirky pieces of jewelry to heat it up a notch! Try to add a good pair of pumps or Kolhapuri chappals with your saree to make it more tempting!

With these tips to set you up for this festival, you can never fail to rock your Banarasi saree look! Get all dressed and be the talk of the town this festive season!

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