Know your stunning fabric - Kora or Organza Silk

Know your stunning fabric - Kora or Organza Silk

Many of us are fond of beautiful fabrics, their soft touch on the body and the classy, royal aura it adds to our personality. Back in time, fabrics like silk were available and affordable to the affluent few, not in the 21st century though.

Women, especially, are boasting different fabrics with grace and panache. Kora Fabric, or as some may call it ‘Organza’ Silk is one of such fabrics. Kora Silk is used to make Kovai Kora cotton saree. Coimbatore, a region in the Tamil Nadu State India is popular for these sarees.

As a matter of fact, the Government of India recognized it as a Geographical indication in 2014-15.

Origin and History of Kora/Organza Silks

Kora silk from Varanasi or Banaras - The quality of Kora silk is smooth and sheer texture which is much dull in comparison to other silk. Kora silk has two varieties, either it is coarse or soft... There is huge demand for India Silk Sarees across the world due to style, smooth and texture.

How Kora is Made?

At the primary stage, Kora silk is made by twisting mere silk yarns and filaments. The synthetic form of fibers like nylon polyester is added to it in a negligible form to provide it with the required tensile strength.

What Makes Kora Special?

What makes this fabric special and stand out among others is the process practiced to make this silk and the texture it provides to the cloth. Be a saree, Lehenga/skirt filling especially for bridal dresses, or costumes, this fabric adds a much wanted and attractive element of Crisp to its apparel. Which bride will not want to look glamorous, right?

The almost-see-through nature of Kora fabric helps in maintaining an element of weightlessness to it. A combination of crisp, light weightiness and shine that a silk yarn brings, creates an irresistible appeal every woman would wish for.

Love for Kora across the sectors:

You might be surprised to find out that Organza fabric is not only loved by fashion designers, but also by service sectors like interior and furnishing. Many people nowadays, want to spend good chunks of money on designing their homes, doing an attractive interior, etc. These people have a great love for quality living and they let their homes reflect it through the use of drapes, bed-top covers, tabletops (among a few) made with Kora fabric.

USP of Kora Silk:

The beauty and the USP of Kora Silk Cotton Sarees lie as a good mixture of silk and cotton which are woven into it beautifully by a local craftsman. High-quality cotton used in the saree adds to its already irresistible beauty. Kora silk saree is also known for a Pallu which is designed meticulously and it never fails to give a traditional touch to the saree. The saree is loved by women for this Pallu and the Zari on it. However, it is called Kora silk, it is not as soft as a Banarasi Silk for an obvious reason.

Among other silk fabrics like Katan Silk, Moonga Silk, Georgette Silk, Kora Silk has its own definite identity and women love this fabric for what it is.

Our Kora/ Organiza Silks

Check out some of our favorite Khinkhwab Kora or Organza collection

Pastel Green Pure Kora Silk Handwoven Banarasi Saree

Kora Silk Banarasi Saree

Blue Pure Organza Print Banarasi Saree

Kora Silk Banarasi Saree

Rangkat Kora Silk Banarasi Handloom Saree

Kora Silk Banarasi Saree

Bottle Green Floral Organza Banarasi Lehenga Set

Kora Silk Banarasi Saree

Orange Pure Kora Handwoven Banarasi Saree

Kora Silk Banarasi Saree

Pure Organza Silk Blue Handloom Banarasi Saree

Kora Silk Banarasi Saree

Black Red Kora Silk Banarasi Check Saree

Kora Silk Banarasi Saree

Brown Pure Organza Print Banarasi Saree

Kora Silk Banarasi Saree

Floral Pure Organza Blue Print Saree with Hand Embroidery

Kora Silk Banarasi Saree

Khinkhwab Kora/Organza Sarees ranges in the price starting from Rs. 10,000/- and goes up to Rs.60,000/-. Have a look at this and you will find it definitely worth!

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