KhinKhwab - One Stop Destination For Festival Shopping

KhinKhwab - One Stop Destination For Festival Shopping

A festival is an apt time to show off your fashion skills. If you need something special to wear this festival season, KhinKhwab has got you covered!

Banarasi Brocade

Brocade has been around for generations. It has been embraced by everyone from the Moghuls, to the pop stars of today. The fabric has a unique character to it that instantly makes it feel rich. Brocade is also a symbol of timelessness and you can’t go wrong with it.

If you are looking for Brocade, you don’t have to look any further. Khinkhwab, with its vast brocade collection, is the perfect place for you to get brocade sarees, dupattas, kurtas, jackets and more. There are a lot of exciting garments for men too.

Women Festival Looks

Banarasi Handloom Sarees

Sarees are a great attire for any festival. The perfect brocade saree, or a georgette saree one - you can choose your pick. You will find sarees in different types of silk at Khinkhwab like Katan, Bandhani, Rangkat, and Chanderi. You can also give a try to the pure handloom silk sarees that look great and feel comfortable to wear!


If you are in the mood for another classic Indian garment, you can browse through the Khinkhwab suits’ collection. Suits are not only the preferred attire for many homemakers but are also classic work outfits. So if you need a new suit this season, Khinkhwab has good news for you. At KhinKhwab, you will find a range of fabrics that you can make a suit out of in the pattern of your choice. The various cloth varieties include Banaras silk, moonga silk, cotton, zari and so on. This may be the perfect traditional yet unconventional look for you this Diwali. 

It is also possible for you to save on Diwali shopping by using coupons where you can enjoy discounts on your complete Diwali shopping.

Banarasi Silk Lehenga

With the huge range of Banarasi Silk lehengas, you can recreate your festive style. KhinKhwab’s pure Katan silk handloom lehengas are available in different designs and colours. It would be a perfect fit for festivals, parties and other occasions. You can choose from a range of traditional lehengas to Indo-western ones to complete your wardrobe. Choose from solid, ombre, and pastel colours depending on your style and look.

 Stoles and scarves

Throwing a stole on anything makes it look even more beautiful. At KhinKhwab, you will find eccentric stoles in authentic Banarasi Handloom silk. There are different sizes and designs that you can choose from. One with a length of 2.5 m, and the other of 72 cm, both are great for different occasions and should be selected as per the look that you are going for. Not just during festivals, they will also look great during regular days.


Needless to say, dupattas add glory and elegance to your look. Silken dupattas can hold your entire outfit together. These are made of pure silk that is extremely soft and comfortable and will give you a sharp look. A dupatta with a matte suit can be the head-turning outfit for your next gathering or online party.

Men Festival Looks Kurtas

Kurtas are the most commonly worn traditional outfit by men of all religions in India. Indian clothes are a symbol of humbleness and that shows in the kurta that you wear too. Everybody has a different style of picking kurtas. From bright and vibrant colours to neutrals and pastels, men like to get in the mood for everything. The best news is that Khinkhwab has a range of eccentric kurta fabrics. Right from the blue hues, to the magnificent metallics you will find them all. Plus, there are also varieties for those men who like to keep it subtle. Jackets Whether you are wearing a minimally designed kurta or one that yells fashion, a jacket on it will make your outfit shine. You can select from a range of fabrics to create a jacket with. Traditional jackets, also referred to as Nehru jackets, are an old traditional garment in India. A well-fitted jacket adds spice to your festival outfit.


Nothin a beat the traditional dhotis when it comes to festivals. This attire brings back the essence of a real Indian. And when you get the Katan Silk dhotis from KhinKhwab, your look will be one in a hundred. Pair them up with silk kurtas and also throw a stole on the top of it to complete the look. These also make great outfits for weddings and other family celebrations.

Did you enjoy reading the article? What would you like to try at this festival? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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