The Continuing Journey of The Brocade Weave

The Continuing Journey of The Brocade Weave

The Continuing Journey of The Brocade Weave

In a world of oversized Victorian sleeves and chunky boots and crop tops, it may seem that the luxurious, lavish fashion of earlier times may be fading away. The brocade weave, specifically Brocade fabric may seem to have vanished, only brought out when talking about traditional fashion. However, there are many ways in which the brocade weave has flourished over the years, and can continue to be revived in today’s age.

Brocade Weave

 What is the Brocade Weave?

The brocade weave has enamored weavers and consumers alike with its steady presence in the history of weaving over the years. But what really makes a fabric a brocade fabric? To start off, brocade fabrics are essentially shuttle-woven. A shuttle is a kind of tool which is used to store the thread of whichever yarn is being used to weave a fabric.

History of the Brocade Weave

In India, the Brocade fabric was regularly donned in Mughal courts, specifically during the reign of Akbar, between 1556 and 1605. The Brocade weave is even mentioned in the Vedas. The brocade can also be found in the famous Banarasi handloom silk sarees. The brocade weave traveled along with Gujarati weavers, who migrated to Banaras in the year 1603, during a deadly famine. The earliest mention of the brocade in Banaras was from the nineteenth century, which leads one to believe that the brocade weave Banarasi sarees flourished during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Banarasi brocades also specialise in the golden “Kalabattu” patterns.

Brocade Weave

(Ancient brocade fabric from the Ming dynasty in China)

Brocade - Seen Through Iconic Looks

The brocade weave saree continues to be an image of elegance, and a class apart. Its prominence can not be imitated, as it can be found in the attire of every other beautiful bride, important occasion, and famed celebrity fashion icons.

The Brocade weave, although originated in the East, has gained an insane amount of traction in the West. We see international popstar Harry Styles regularly donning suits by Elie Saab and Dolce & Gabbana on his world tours that are made of brocade fabric.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has also worn the intricately woven metallic Brocade  dress by Louis Vuitton.

Back in India, the brocade is very commonly used in traditional wear. To this day, Rekha’s stunning brocade dress in “Umrao Jaan” is an image that never left our heads.

Brocade in Daily Fashion

So far, we’ve seen the brocade fabric through a nearly untouchable lens; through ancient empires and trade routes, as well as on majorly famous celebrities. However, there are bound to be many ways to incorporate the majesty of brocade into the simplicity of everyday life. 

The sophisticated weave of the brocade blouse can be interwoven into your everyday scenario by pairing it with high-waisted jeans, in turn playing the role of a crop top.

The brocade blazer, similar to the aforementioned Elie Saab blazer adorned by Harry Styles, can be worn alongside a plain shirt and pants to spice up your semi-formals and party looks.

Pants and skirts made of brocade fabrics may seem rare, but when pairing it with a semi-formal top will be exactly what your outfit needs, to catch eyes. 

The brocade weave has been through quite a journey, from the East to the West, from a symbol of royalty and status to a fabric that is enjoyed by all, and hopefully, this will continue as the years go by, with the brocade creeping up in places you would never expect.

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